Hydraulic bucket for loose materials

Universal hydraulic Buck for loose materials like coal, wood chips, grain, snow etc. is produced in 2 capacities of 0,25sq.m. and 0,5sq.m, but on customers demand we may design and construct bucket meeting individual expectations.
Whole bucket is made of 3mm width steel, except its blade, that is made of 10mm high quality steel. Whole device is coated with varnish layer during powder painting process.
The bucket is designed in way to automatically empty the contains. Whole construction is fortified in most tensile, crushing spots.
Bucket is supported with actuator and hydraulic pipes with attachments.

Phases of bucket’s movement:

Bucket’s is mounted by 4 clamps, tightened by hand (not by tools).
Actuators are installed by 2 quick-fit connectors.

Hydraulic actuator (piston’s rod diameter 28mm) allows to change buckets position from 0o to 90o. Detached gland allows for actuator’s regen.

Hydraulic actuator is fixed with 2 pins and cotter.

Bucket’s parameters:

Schematics of 0.25 sq.m. bucket:
Schematics of 0.50 sq.m. bucket: