Snowplows for lawnmowers

Snowplows for Lawnmowers are easy to use and functional accessories designed to use on many various models of lawnmowers. Made of high quality steel and paint coated during the powder-painting process.

Volcan is one & only manufacturer that offers snowplows for lawnmowers, and equips them with electrically operated lifting and lowering winch device.

  • Plow’s blade is 120 cm wide.
  • Lower part of plow is supported with made of rubber, gathering feather.
  • - Whole set consist of snowplow and electrical winch.
  • Mechanical system of plow’s leaning prevents against damages caused by hitting the sidewalk or uneven terrain.

After attaching of two handles to lawnmower whole installation of plow comes quick and easy, with only one bolt to attach. There is no need to unattached handles after use, they do not interfere mowing process.
Enabling of steering involves only attaching of winch’s wire clamps on battery.

Plow can be adjusted in 3 horizontal positions.