ATV`s snowplows

VOLCAN’s snowplow are made of high quality steel covered with suitable paint during the powder painting. All moving parts, that are put on risk of paint attrition and corrosion are secured during the process of fire galvanizing. Our snow plow are available in 2 colors : yellow and black.

  • Plows can be mounted only in ATV’s previously equipped with winch device.
  • Plows are customers friendly and easy adjustable thanks to click-and-go system.
  • Mechanical system of plow’s leaning prevents against  damages caused by hitting the sidewalk or uneven terrain.
  • Lower part of plow is supported with made of rubber, gathering feather.
  • Set consists of plow and mounting plate.

Each plow can be adjusted in 5 different horizontal positions.

Parameters of plow’s blade:
L - length, h - high, h1 - extension high

It’s possible to increase plow’s high for 20cm more by attaching to the plow additional extension.

Thanks to suitable mounting plate VOLCAN’s snowplows can be used with most of currently available ATVs. While placing order it necessary to name ATV’s brand and model to match right mounting plate.