Forklift snowplows

Snowplows for forklift are manufactured with high quality 4 mm thick steel, covered with suitable paint during the powder painting process.
Plows are available in yellow color, but other colors may be made on demand.
There are 2 standard widths 1500mm and 2000 mm.

  • Plows may be operated by most of forklifts and only think to consider is a size of forks.
  • Plows are equipped with regular rectangular 150x60mm sockets.
  • Plow’s blade is additionally supported with two vertical strengthening.

In lower part of blade there is a special gathering rubber of 50mm thickness. This rubber element properly high and elastic to protect plow against damage, that may occur with uneven surface.

VOLCAN’s forklift snow plates are equipped in 5 degree position regulation.

It is also possible to manufacture snowplow according to customers need and specification, after contacting with manufacturer.

Snowplows parameters: